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At The Vermont Farm and Forest School we value foundations built with deep connections to the natural world, in order to recognize our human impact on the earth. We believe children need the tools to connect to oneself, one another, and the natural world. We aim to provide experiences immersed in the web of life,  making visible our interdependence and practicing stewardship of the land.

Why is being outside important? 

Studies show being outside in nature builds confidence, teaches responsibility, promotes creativity and imagination, reduces stress and fatigue, and gets kids moving.

 Summer Camp  2018

 June 25-29 Wild Wild Animals – Full Day is SOLD OUT

3-5 yr olds: Using our imaginations we will become wild animals in the woods of Vermont. We will find out what life is like for different critters, exploring what they eat, what their homes are like, what kind of social relationships they have, and what evidence they leave behind for others to discover.

6-12 yr olds:Where does a chipmunk sleep? What does a fox eat? Why does a bear eat birdseed? From the tiny insects to the large mammals, we will learn all about the animals that live in Vermont’s fields and forests. Play games, learn to recognize signs and track, and imagine what it’s like to be those animals.

 July 16-20  All About Seeds & Bugs – FULL DAY IS SOLD OUT

3-5 Year Olds: Campers will explore the farm through free play, structured games, and activities. We will investigate questions such as: How do seeds grow? What role do bugs have on a farm? What are beneficial and non-beneficial insects? Campers will also have the opportunity to observe and learn from the older children.

6-12 Year Olds: Campers will live like a farmer through farm chores, free play and science activities. Campers will learn about growing and preparing food through the roles of seeds and insects.

 July 23-27 Survival Adventures – SOLD OUT

3-5 yr olds: Campers will explore the woods through free play, structured games, and activities. We will investigate questions such as: How do you know if a stick is green or dry? Where will I be most protected from the rain? How can I stay warm? Campers will also have the opportunity to observe and learn from the older children.

6-12 yr olds: Imagine you lived in the woods. How would you stay warm and safe at night? What would you eat and drink? Create your own shelters, traps, and learn how to find your way out of the wilderness. Campers will be given scenarios throughout the week to practice their skills.

 July 30-Aug 3 Global Village

3-5 Year Olds:  Campers will explore the farm through a global eye. We will sing songs and investigate many parts of the world through farm, food and craft activities.

6-12 Year Olds:  Through the emotions of experiential learning, campers will experience an immersion in farm life through a global eye. Daily farm chores in the interactive garden will provide space for hands-on experiences in food. Activities centered around global learning will provide the basis for fun experiences.

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Please provide your own healthy snack and lunch if staying full day. The pre-school session is 8:30-11:30 and is sliding scale fee $120-150 per week.

Full day camp is 8:30-3:00pm and is sliding scale fee $225-$300/week.

After and before care is available upon request.

To register via mail, click here: VTFFS Summer Camp Application

To register via email, click here: VTFFS Digital Summer Camp Application

Farm and Forest School Year 2018-2019:

The Vermont Farm and Forest School follows the flow of the seasons. We begin in the fall, when students harvest, process, and prepare food using simple tools and techniques. Moving through the seasons students will learn the basics of primitive skills:  how to build and sustain a fire, how to make a shelter, how to use a knife, and how to navigate. With the spring, we welcome new life through planting. These experiences will empower students to be self motivated, resilient, and independent thinkers. Opportunities for leadership and collaboration are interwoven throughout the program.

Age Group: PK-6th grade (4-12 year olds)

7th/8th grade=mentors/community embassador

Time Frame:

Fridays: September 7 – December 14  (except Nov. 23) and February 1 – May 31 (except March 1 and April 19). 30 sessions total

8:30-3 pm. (after/before care available upon request)

Inquire about half day options

Price: sliding scale $1,500-$1,650

Field School Application 2018

Contact us at: vtfarmandforestschool@gmail.com

Vermont Farm and Forest School Educators

  Misse Axelrod, Farmer/Owner and School Co-Founder: Misse is a farm and food educator with 20 years of experience in sustainable agriculture and educating wondrous minds. Misse values community growth both in the natural and human world. Digging in the dirt, building strong relationships and growing strong minds is the utmost enjoyment for Misse. When not on the farm you can find Misse with her family hiking, biking, traveling, swimming and dreaming of more resilient communities and minds. Misse has a B.A. in Sustainable Agriculture through Community Food Systems from Green Mountain College in Poultney, Vermont. 

  Lisa Frost, School Co-Founder/Educator: As a child Lisa played in the woods often, imagining that she was lost and needed to survive until she could find civilization. In Lisa’s interactive play she built shelters to survive the night, made fires to cook whatever rations she had, hunted animals, and found water. Today, Lisa aspires to lead a self-sufficient lifestyle, akin in some respect to her childhood games. As an educator Lisa seeks to guide children on their own path of curiosity and investigation. She has a BA in Environmental Science from Willamette University and a Masters of Education from Antioch University in Keene, NH.


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